Mark Entrekin, MA/OM,
Scaled Agilist, ITIL, PMI/ACP

My Mission

My mission is to live life as completely, compassionately and honestly as possible with consistent doses of reality mixed with the imagination and dreams that all things are possible as long as I set my mind to creating solutions through listening, understanding, planning and follow-through.©

My experience and background are very diverse. I continually increase my education through corporate training, internet, books and magazines to ensure that I stay on top of changing trends that allow me to improve personally and professionally.

I am a driver; strong toward completing the goals that move us to the next higher level. I am very self-motivated and dedicated to my peers, subordinates and fellow Executives to improve the team, area, center, department, organization and corporation.

I understand the reality that there are times when we must temporarily jump through hoops for funding and budgets; sometimes we have to hurry up and wait, start then stop but we always stay focused on our goals. Achieving our goals is our top priority as we accomplish our cost-justified results.

I am great at working with people and understanding their needs. I earn their trust and belief. There are times when we can follow a methodology to the “T” and many times when we must learn the hard way, a sort of school of hard knocks but, again, we stay focused on our goals – continually learning, continually improving.

I work toward following all defined actions, processes and procedures, when possible, so that they can be utilized in the most effective and efficient manner.

I personally and professionally enjoy tracking goals, tasks and accomplishments on a consistent, timely and on-going basis.

I drive teams in Agile Scrum (iterative) environments with continual, measured successes. My broad background promotes success in multiple methodologies chosen by the corporation. It is beneficial to maintain accurate cost and schedule estimates with quick end-result identification to management, sponsors and end-users.

My approach to accomplishment is well defined through consistent personal and team communication, based on the methodology utilized, so issues and risks can be identified and resolved as soon as possible.

I am passionate about what I do so I work to maintain strong communication toward continued success, to be on time, under budget, within scope and continually monitoring Quality Assurance (QA) metrics throughout the process.

I am a strong planner and stress that a documented plan is followed or we initiate some defined or recognized change control process so we can validate any/all modifications.

On the personal side:

  1. a) Enjoy achieving International, National, State and Local projects
    b) Enjoy tasting and appreciating wines from local, domestic or international wineries
    c) Constantly improving at golf, racquetball and tennis
    d) Enjoy travel and my passport is up-to-date and ready to fly personally or professionally!