What CAN we be in 2023?

I hope your year 2022 was as valuable as you planned.  I hope your roses bloomed and every snowflake was prettier than the last.

As 2022 comes to a close and we prepare for 2023, CAN we bring the values of 2022 forward and leave all/any of the non-values we encountered in 2022 behind us…in what will soon be last year?

We must let the non-values of last year be a lesson and not a scar.

Maybe those lessons we learned in 2022 were just an oops! 😊 Can we take what we learned last year into next year without the oops? 😊

I think 2023 needs to be our year of Achieving Unity.  The unity of our caring, education, experience, knowledge, love and learning from last year can be awesome values for us to unify into the foundation of next year, 2023.  When we stop the negativity, the non-values, and allow them to stay in the past, we can happily bring the positivity of a better tomorrow with us to the next year.

Sure, we will make some mistakes next year but can we release the temporary pain of our learnings from last year’s mistakes, the oops, as we join together in our unity of value, growing forward, for the New Year?

Can I help you? I hope so.  Can you help me? Definitely!

We can be
Achieving Unity
In 2023